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The film, which was written by Segel and co-produced by Judd Apatow , was released by Universal Pictures. The story revolves around Peter Bretter, who is a music composer for a TV show that happens to feature his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, in the lead role. After a five-year relationship, Sarah abruptly breaks up with Peter. Devastated by this event, he chooses to go on a vacation in Hawaii, in order to try to move forward with his life. Trouble ensues when he runs into his ex on the island as she is vacationing with her new boyfriend. One day, as Peter stands stark naked in their apartment, Sarah abruptly announces that she is breaking up with him. Devastated, and unable to banish his grief through one-night stands, Peter takes a trip to Hawaii and stays at Turtle Bay resort. However, the vacation is ruined when he learns that Sarah and her new rock star boyfriend Aldous Snow Russell Brand are also guests of the resort. Taking pity on him, hotel concierge Rachel Jansen Mila Kunis offers him an incredibly expensive suite for free in exchange for cleaning up the room himself. Peter begins spending time with Rachel and starts to develop feelings for her.

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PETER BRETTER, the leading character in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” the latest ‘The Crown’ casts Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in seasons 5 and 6.

Watch the Unrated version that you couldn’t see in theaters! It’s the hysterically funny look at how far one man will go to forget a girl — and all the fun he finds along the way. Join the cast of Forgetting Sarah Marshall as they dare to bare all in this Unrated version of the film filled with more laughs, more adventure and way more fun! Peter Jason Segel is a struggling musician who finds his world turned upside down when his TV celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , dumps him for a tragically hip rock star.

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Cast: Movie – Forgetting Sarah Marshall – 2008

With The Year-Old Virgin , Judd Apatow succeeded in an endeavor that foiled many of the more accomplished directors to precede him: the merging of the romantic comedy, a quintessential “female genre,” with the raunchy comedy, a quintessential “male genre. Apatow used the same basic formula to similar effect for his follow-up, Knocked Up. Now, at least temporarily, he has passed the baton to one of his buddies, former Freaks and Geeks cohort Jason Segel. Forgetting Sarah Marshall , written by and starring Segel and directed by first-timer Nicholas Stoller, is at least as good as the two Apatow-directed movies, with a script that might be both a little sharper and a little more romantic.

Peter Bretter Jason Segel has lost his love of life. A composer for a popular TV program, his preferred activity is lying on the couch while watching mind-numbing shows like Access Hollywood.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the latest film from ‘The Juddernaut’, which is but he has the good sense to give many of the biggest laughs to the supporting cast.

After celebrity girlfriend Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell dumps him, Peter goes to Hawaii to forget, but can’t get away from her, finally finding a new love in hotel employee Rachel Mila Kunis. In a climatic set piece, Peter writes and stages a puppet musical version of Dracula called A Taste for Love , assisted by his step-brother Brian. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop provided the Dracula puppets performed by the characters. The Creature Shop created four soft foam full body puppets with eye mechanisms – Dracula, Van Helsing, the angel and the succubus.

Additionally, the Creature Shop created five dancing mummies for the final number. The dancing mummies were four life size body puppets with mouth mechanisms in a line, controlled by puppeteer in the middle dressed as a mummy. Peter Brooke served as creative supervisor and Michael Oosterom acted as production supervisor. The puppet entourage, made with fleece, included Count Dracula, Professor Van Helsing, a succubus resembling the Sarah Marshall character , and an angel modeled after Rachel , among others.

Brooke noted that “We were concerned that the main hero puppet of Dracula was going to be performed by an actor, and not a professional puppeteer. But Jason is amazing and has taken to puppeteering like a duck to water. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

How ‘Frozen’ Star Kristen Bell Broke Her Mold With ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

Laura Hiros. Movie doesn’t forgetting. Beyond the gimmickry of the penis gags, this is an romantic comedy with wit and trivia to burn. Brian D. Forgetting Sarah Marshall does fall under the Apatow umbrella, but writer and star Jason Segel is the real creative force here, creating a fresh, funny script. Ali Gray.

Jason Segel Jason Segel stars as recently dumped boyfriend Peter Bretter. · Kristen Bell Bell stars as Sarah Marshall, a successful actress on the.

Jason Segel’s penis probably would not sell a lot of tickets all by itself. As wise men and women always point out, it’s not the thing itself that matters, it’s what you do with it. And what Segel does with it as star and writer of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is magnificent. Between his brief nude scene at the very beginning a humiliating, emotionally naked break-up and breakdown , and his even briefer final one a welcome reunion of sorts , he discovers quite a lot about himself through his genitalia.

So, for example, Apatow regular Paul Rudd who appears in this movie as a brain-fried hotel surf coach named Chuck is friends with Rob Thomas , who is the creator of TV’s terrific now-canceled “Veronica Mars,” which starred Kristen Bell in the title role. Here Bell plays the eponymous Sarah Marshall, star of a ludicrous forensic detective show called “Crime Scene” opposite William Baldwin , whose stock in trade is making tastelessly absurd tough-guy wisecracks about hideously sickening crimes see any episode of the “CSI” or “Law and Order” franchises.

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Watch the video. Title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall Friendless Peter Klaven goes on a series of man-dates to find a Best Man for his wedding. But, when his insta-bond with his new B.

Cast: Movie – Forgetting Sarah Marshall –

Call Netflix Netflix. After his TV star girlfriend, Sarah, breaks his heart, Peter can’t move on because she’s vacationing at the same resort in Hawaii. Watch all you want. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. This movie is Coming Soon. The Last Paradise. Based on true events. When a brother and sister fall in love with the same man, ensuing events shatter a traditional Marathi family. Based on Sachin Kundalkar’s novel.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This thin premise is better suited to a half-hour sitcom than a feature film in fact, there’s an episode of Frasier with a very similar setup , but it’s strong enough to support some fun performances from a group of TV stars, along with a lot of weightless filler. Jason Segel Peter Bretter. Kristen Bell Sarah Marshall. Mila Kunis Rachel Jansen. Russell Brand Aldous Snow.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Nicholas Stoller min. Review Our Score. But when Peter arrives, he discovers that Sarah and her new British rock star boyfriend Russell Brand are not only staying at the same resort, but in the very same hotel. All three leads are likeable and well cast, while the Hawaiian scenery looks great. But like producer Judd Apatow’s previous films, it is somewhat overlong, with several scenes apparently included because they could be, not because they should be.

As compensation, it is often laugh-out-loud funny, with a broad humour that delivers belly laughs by the barrel-load. Summary A musician is devastated when his actress girlfriend leaves him, and he tries to cure his broken heart with a holiday in Hawaii.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Mila Kunis and Jason Segel Interview